Friday, 11 March 2016

Snippet from "Magic Binds" (Kate Daniels #9) by Ilona Andrews

Seven people stood at the end of the long bridge, five side by side, two behind them.  All wore black and purple.  Sahanu.
“Oooh, now that’s a uniform,” Roman said.  “Look at that.  Meant to inspire fear and dread.  Screams assassin.”
“Which is why they wouldn’t get anywhere within the range of their target,” Curran said.
They didn’t need to.  Their target was coming to them.
I pulled Sarrat out and walked out onto the bridge.  Below me vampire minds stirred but stayed clear.  I grasped one and pulled it to me as I walked.  One should be enough.
“You know who I am.”  My voice carried, bouncing off the massive walls.  “You know what I do.”
The vampire leaped onto the bridge ahead of me.  I made it dig its claws into its own throat and rip it out a moment before I crushed its mind.  Blood spilled onto the stones.
“My father thinks I won’t kill you out of compassion.  He’s wrong.”
I drew my left hand across Sarrat’s blade and let my blood fall into the puddle as I passed.  My magic dashed down the drops, fusing them into a solid core.  I pulled the vampire blood to me through it.  It surged up and formed a red sword in my left hand.
“Leave now and I will spare your life.”