Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Snippets from "Magic Binds" and (probably) from "Grey Wolf Novel #2" by Ilona Andrews

“Julie, where is he?”
“He went out to check on horses.”
“Really? He hates horses.”
Julie’s eyes sparkled. “He said it was very important for him to check that they were still there. And that he was also there and not here when you snapped.”

I hugged Curran, still holding REDACTED in an arm lock. “Love you, I’ll be back soon. Don’t let him drink any blood.” 

“Julie, Hugh is one of the most lethal fighters I know. You’re nowhere near that. He would cut you down like grass.”

She raised her hand. I couldn’t see her magic but I felt pour out of her, unfurling like invisible wings. “Not anymore.”