Friday, 15 January 2016

Snippet from "Magic Binds" (Kate Daniels #9) by Ilona Andrews

“This is just typical.” Roman raised his eyes upward. “One time I try to do something good, like join two people who are long overdue in a holy matrimony. One time! And it all turns to hell, doomsday prophecies, and death. I’ve served you for ten years. Would it kill you to have my back one damn time?”

“Yes, of course, make it all about you.” Evdokia sighed.

“Wait, you’re marrying them?” Sienna asked.

Maria chortled. “He’ll anoint them in blood. Should’ve asked Vasiliy.” 
Evdokia turned to her. “There is nothing wrong with my son marrying them. It will be the best wedding and he will be the best priest.
Maria opened her mouth. “You best be careful what you say next,” Evdokia said.

I looked at Ascanio. “Where is the rest?”
He shrugged his shoulders, a picture of perfect innocence on his face.
“Julie saved it. I just work here. I have no idea why Blond Harpy does anything.”