Thursday, 18 January 2018

Burn Bright (Alpha & Omega #5) by Patricia Briggs

Expected publication: 
July 10th 2018 by Berkley
They are the wild and the broken. The werewolves too damaged to live safely among their own kind. For their own good, they have been exiled to the outskirts of Aspen Creek, Montana. Close enough to the Marrok’s pack to have its support; far enough away to not cause any harm.

With their Alpha out of the country, Charles and Anna are on call when an SOS comes in from the fae mate of one such wildling. Heading into the mountainous wilderness, they interrupt the abduction of the wolf–but can’t stop blood from being shed. Now Charles and Anna must use their skills–his as enforcer, hers as peacemaker–to track down the attackers, reopening a painful chapter in the past that springs from the darkest magic of the witchborn…

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

"Wild Hunger" (Heirs of Chicagoland #1) by Chloe Neill

Expected publication: 
August 14th 2018 by Berkley
As the only vampire child ever born, some believed Elisa Sullivan had all the luck. But the magic that helped bring her into the world left her with a dark secret. Shifter Connor Keene, the only son of North American Central Pack Apex Gabriel Keene, is the only one she trusts with it. But she's a vampire and the daughter of a Master and a Sentinel, and he's prince of the Pack and its future king.

When the assassination of an ambassador brings old feuds to the fore again, Elisa and Connor must choose between love and family, between honor and obligation, before Chicago disappears forever.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

New snippets of "Magic Triumphs" (Kate Daniels #10) by Ilona Andrews

I knew the magic was up, because my aunt exploded into our bedroom and roared, “The child is missing!”
I sat bolt upright on the bed.  Curran groaned. I realized I was still naked from last night and pulled a blanket over my chest.
“Knocking,” I told her.  “Privacy.”
She glared at us.  “This is no time to have sex!  Your son is missing!  I can’t feel him.”
Kill me, somebody. “He isn’t missing.  He’s across his street with his other grandmother. You can’t feel him, because I strengthened the ward on George’s house to mask his presence.”
She squinted at me.  “Are you sure?”
“Yes.  I went there yesterday to check on him around one in the morning. I saw him sleeping.  Grendel is with him. There is enough werebears in that house to hold off an army.”
Erra considered it.  “Very well. Also Redacted and some blond woman are in the car in your driveway, talking.  You should probably do something about it.”
She turned and swept down the hallway, right past the remnants of the door she’d broken.
I turned over and bumped my head on Curran’s chest a few times.  “Why me?”

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

New snippets of "Magic Triumphs" (Kate Daniels #10) by Ilona Andrews

That done, I sat Conlan down, got his fire truck out of storage, and chanted it into life.  The truck was a gift from Jim and Dali for his first birthday.  Large enough for a small child to sit in and climb on, it had a tiny enchanted water engine, which powered lights and a ladder.  It must’ve cost them an arm and a leg.  Conlan adored the truck.  He showed no interest in riding on it, but he liked to climb on the roof, which usually took him a solid five minutes and multiple tries.  Once he ascended, he would wave his arms and make strange noises.  Sometimes he fell asleep on top of it. Like his dad, my son enjoyed being in high places.

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